Hosting Rules

Hosting Rules

Information Security Center, Ltd. provides legal and natural persons with web hosting service. Please conform to these rules and don't violate the international legislation as well as laws of Ukraine.

I.It is absolutely inadmissible to send unauthorized messages, including so-called junk mail and advertisements, to those people and organizations that didn't request such information, as well as to people who are not clients of the sender and do not have any business relations with him (so-called spam). Distribution, advertising, promotion and support of software, primary purpose of which is distribution of unauthorized commercial emails or spam, is also intolerable.

II. Infringement upon rights of a third party, i.e. distribution of personal information without consent of the person, is strictly prohibited.

III. Infringement of current legislation shall not be tolerated.

IV. Copyrighted material should not be distributed with violations of the copyright law, including MP3 files distribution, as well as cheating schemes.

V. Pornography and any other material of sexual character are banned.

VI. Launching scripts from the cron will be provided upon request. Please use resources of the server reasonably.

VII. TRS programs shouldn't be launched without the administrator's consent. Using more than 10% of our system resources is also prohibited. If it happens, programs that caused the overload will be blocked and the notification will be sent to the Client via e-mail.

VIII.You shouldn't scan the system and its ports, search for vulnerabilities, use IRC and piring programs, install a proxy server or socks server.

IX. Information Security Center, Ltd. retains the right to refuse hosting service or prolongation of the term of hosting to the Client if he breaks any of the hosting rules.

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