Protected hosting service package. Hosting and maintenance of all client's web-resources on a highly secured and high-speed hosting

Information technologies can bring huge profits – almost as much as a network of chain stores all over the world. But if information technologies are used as "weapon" against a company, it can cause great damage - almost as much as in a real war.

Such a "cyberwar brings enormous "material losses" – when customers leave your company because of hackers' attacks which had led to malfunctioning or unavailability of your web resources or confidentional information leak. Espionage, in particular, can do irreparable harm – in case your e-mails are intercepted and trade secrets stolen, or perhaps a hired hacker breaks into servers where your information resources are located. In such a war there are also "human casualties", when competitors lure away your best employees to work for them.

Nowadays, when the market is overcrowded, competition is not always fair. Businessmen and bankers every now and then find themselves in a situation when competitors bend over backwards to get hold of information about their business partners; politicians (and not only they) are eager to dig out dirt about one another. These days it is extremely important to be 100% sure that nobody else reads your emails, so the issue of information protection - which ultimately is the question of the company's security, - becomes a crucial point.

Do you sometimes feel that there is something wrong with your business? Have your negotiations ever gone wrong and you failed to sign contracts? Do you suspect that you are not the only one who knows certain information? If your competitors are too well informed about your company's weak points, your suppliers and business partners, market niches; if they know your financial situation in all its minutest details - beware of economic, or industrial, espionage.

"Information Security Center Ltd" presents a unique protected hosting service package. We are ready to host your website on our specified servers, which work under the FreeBSD operating system and located in different regions of the USA. The parameters of our hosting and its low price give us advantage over our competitors. Our unique offer is the complex of measures for information protection included into the service package.

Here are only some of the characteristics of our hosting and services we provide:

  • Disk space: from 500 МB to 5 GB
  • Bandwidth: 5 GB – 50 GB per month
  • Anti-virus protection of all passing mail
  • Secure mode for all passing email which excludes the very possibility of email interception by unauthorized people, including employees of the internet provider and hosting provider
  • Protection against intrusion and monitoring of the system integrity
  • A protected channel for updating your site
  • Regular back-up of your site to a remote server using a protected channel
  • Secure remote resource reservation and remote storage of information from your office
  • Our highly qualified professionals will provide remote server administration; do any kind of setting and support of the operating system and software components, monitor vulnerabilities, update the system when necessary.
  • We will also supply licenses for efficient information protection software products developed by our company.
  • And many other security functions and services are also available

Choose the package.

NOTE! Free website promotion in the Internet for every client who chooses Platinum or VIP package.

Our company works individually with every client. We will help you select the set of hosting and web-promotion services most suitable for you. You can order most of our services either separately or as a package. We do guarantee strict confidentiality to all our Clients.

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