Protected e-mail service package. A turnkey system of protected e-mail: setting, maintenance and support

The more the Internet penetrates the sphere of business, the more attractive various information resources become for industrial espionage. It is already a truism that no modern enterprise can do without e-mail. Unfortunately, it is e-mail service that often becomes the weakest link in the chain of information security. Standard protocols for sending and receiving email are not protected from interception. It is possible to intercept all the outgoing email of an enterprise; what's more, it is not very difficult. An unscrupulous email service provider also can secretly forward copies of emails to somebody else. There are other possibilities as well.

Our email protection service is not limited only to protocols. We use methods of traffic protection on the level of IP packages. It enables us to use protected channel without being bound to the particular protocols of application layer. Different methods of protection can be used in combination at our Client's request.

We guarantee high quality of our services. We consult our Clients individually to help everybody choose the very services he needs most. We set all the system for the Client not to have any difficulties with it in future.

The Client won't have to buy and install any additional hardware or software; we will take care of securing the connection. We use standard system tools of the OS Microsoft Windows. However, we warn users about the danger of various spy programs, which will intercept users' information and send it to the criminal, no matter how protected the servers and the channel are. To be on the safe side, we strongly recommend special software products to protect end users from leak of critical information.

As for critical information, it should be noted that we do respect confidentiality of our Client's information. We never - and not going to - publish any lists of our Clients. Information Security Center Ltd. is a privately held company; all the information is kept outside Ukraine - in dedicated, geographically distributed servers with high-speed communication channels. Our team of highly skilled system administrators maintains and supports servers 24/7, provides everyday backups of all information, etc.

Registration of a new Client takes up to 2 days. The Client should provide the complete list of his email addresses as well as the number of VPN connections required. If a Client has his own domain, he should set MX records pointing at our servers. We also can host a working domain at our NS servers. If a Client doesn't have own domain yet, we have a separate service of composing and registering second-level domains in .com, .net, .org, .biz and other TLDs.

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