Protected Hosting: Additional services

Our additional services (available in whole or in part) will help you to:

  • Protect your business;
  • Increase your income by means of the Internet;
  • Attract new Clients and to retain existing ones;
  • Create favourable image for your company;
  • Move some of your business processes to the Internet;
  • Expand your existing business;
  • Make your business known with the help of the Internet;
  • Correctly plan your advertising campaign in the Internet;
  • Carry out PR campaigns in the Internet;
  • etc.

The brief list of additional services:

  • Selection of available domain names.
  • Registration of domain names in various zones, for the period from 1 to 10 years.
  • Service package of placing Clients' adwertising in the following networks: Google, Overture, Яndex in order to attract potential customers to Clients' websites. This package includes creation of slogans by professionals, keywords selection, account support, as well as providing reports, consulting, troubleshooting, and SEO for websites created by third parties.
  • Website testing, troubleshooting, SEO (search engine optimization) for websites created by third parties. This package includes: (i) checking the website by means of all the W3C validators available plus troubleshooting, if possible; (ii) creation and/or correction and/or optimization of meta-tags; (iii) adjusting website to be correctly viewed in various browsers; (iv) checking the scripts, if any; (v) optimizing website for better indexation and to increase relevancy; (vi) checking the website security and penetration testing, provided that the website is hosted by the third party; (vii) checkin performance of the web server where the site is hosted, availability of the site, consistency of the web-pages; (viii) checking validity of information provided while registering the domain name;
  • Translation services: translation of website content, documentation, etc.
  • Developing websites, creating banners.
  • Website promotion service package. The service package includes: (i) automated submission the site to various search engines and directories, both Ukrainian and international; (ii) hand-made automated submission the site to various search engines and directories, both Ukrainian and international; (iii) placing websites or its mirrors in particular language on the regional domain, e.g.*.de, *.es, *.fr, *.uk, *.jp; (iv) submitting websites or its mirrors to local search engines; measuring citation index and search for incoming links; (v) checking indexation of websites in search engines; (vi) comparing rank of the website in different search engines by various keywords; (vii) writing press releases for all mass media; (viii) distribution of press releases for all mass media, including the Internet resources (Google News, Yahoo News etc.);
  • Analytical services. Includes everyday monitoring of changes at competitors' websites; mass media monitoring; monitoring of WWW, online news resources, and conferences for information about the Client's enterprise, products, employees; comparing position of the Client's website with that of his competitors in search results of the largest search engines; monitoring of news by particular keywords in Google.
  • Training the Client's employees. Contractor carries out training seminars on any aspect of information protection at Client's or Contractor's premises.
  • Intellectual Property Protection service package. Contractor prepares for Client a complete package of documents concerning Client's enterprise which, if taken as a standard, will protect intellectual property of the enterprise.
  • Additional services, which will build Client's credibility and increase popularity with visitors from Western countries. Includes the following services: creating the system of Live Tech Support Chat; creating system of technical support via ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, YahooIM; implementing Toll-Free Phone and Fax; 24/7 technical support of Clients' customers by Contractor.
  • and many other.

Request more detailed information, including full price list, characteristics of the hosting packages, the sample agreement, and the scheme according to which Clients can choose the optimal package and save money.

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